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Girls Power
This my own character Tamie (in the middle) and some of her friends.


Tamie Tora Uchiha!
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
1. Choose one or a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!

OC'S BEING USED: Tamixe, Tamie Tora, Kuroi, Bella & Haruka

How old are you?
Tamixe: Eum...Like 19 for now ^^
Tamie: 250years old! *Everyone stares at her* What I'm a demon?
Kuroi: Hn 18 now leave me alone
Haruka: Same as that boy up there *poke Kuroi* Hehe
Bella: I will take my oder self I'm 17 years old

What's your height?
Tamixe: Eum...6'1" *Look at the org XIII* Yeah I'm taller then my boyfriend and!?
Tamie:  168cm, I know I'm not really tall -_-
Kuroi: 6'2''
Haruka: I'm eum...Never really check that...but I'm like maybe 5'9"
Bella: I'm the same height as my dad I think o.e Wait no I'm 178 cm x.x

Do you have any bad habits?
Tamixe: Eum...Destroy things *giggles* ^^''
Tamie: I don't think so...
Kuroi: To do bad things..?
Haruka: Eum...Slap my cousin that one?
Bella:Hit my brothers! and Dan -w-

Are you a virgin? If not, who'd you loose it to?
Tamixe: Eum...Do you really think a Stife still have her viriginity! Nope I'm not, so with...eum *mumble* Zexion x///x
Tamie: Eum...maybe <w< >w>
Kuroi: Dah I lost it at 13 years old...My Father command hehe
Haruka: I don't want to talk about it *cry a little* I got raped by my uncle! TwT
Bella: Eum..yeah or my dad will kill that boy -w-

Who's your mate/spouse?
Tamixe: Zexion I just said it! *getting angry*
Tamie: Kai My only love *-*
Kuroi: My beautiful cat, Karie ^^
Haruka: Eum.. he's name is *tapes her cousin mouth* Naoto!
Bella: Shun Kazami! *-*

Do you have any kids?
Tamixe: Not for now...But it will come ^^
Tamie: Yush 4 kids
Kuroi: Hn got 4...
Haruka: I got twins!
Bella: No I'm only 17! Damn!

What's your favourite food?
Tamixe: Eum...anything...?
Tamie: Fish Nya~
Kuroi: Russian food
Haruka: Eum...I don't have a fav one.
Bella: Like my dad Dango, un  Man mom your habit is back, yeah!

What's your favourite ice cream flavor?
Tamixe: Cookie dough *-*
Tamie: Double chocolate!
Kuroi:Can't eat guess any fruit flavor?
Haruka: Strawberry ^^
Bella: Chocolate

Have you killed anyone?
Tamixe: yesh sure ...
Tamie: yup but only demon or people that de Akatsuki or Konoha ask me to kill! And I will Kill Naraku soon enouph you bastard!
Kuroi: yesh I killed the italia mafia?
Haruka: Never!
Bella: In a ninja mission yeah

Do you hate anyone?
Tamixe: I hate Xemnas!
Tamie: Naraku and his minions!
Kuroi Italien mafia x.x
Haruka: Eum...My uncle -w-
Bella: My brother Hikuto!!

Have any secrets?
Tamixe: Nah!
Tamie: yeah got some like my private life x.x
Kuroi: I do have one but not gonna tell...If I do I will have to kill you
Haruka: Yeah but I said it in virgin thing up there -w-
Bella: Maybe, un

Do you love anyone?
Tamixe:yesh! I told you up there! Its Z-E-X-I-O-N Got it memorized? *Look at Axel* Damn it I'm using your sentence now!
Tamie:Yeah My Kai...
Kuroi: only love
Bella: Shun *-*

What is your job?
Tamixe: Organization XIII member? Is that a job? o.e
Tamie: Singer, Konoha ambu, Akatsuki member and veto I think thats all owo
Kuroi: Guitarist  in the fabous group Trash Ray X
Haruka: Eum..I own a Burlesque Bar with my love ^^
Bella: I work in a restaurant wont say wich one. okay okay Captain Creaton -w-

Boy or girl?
Tamixe: I'm a girl don't you see *points her breast*
Tamie: *hiss* I'm a girl! Can't you see that *look at her decolte* x.x
Kuroi: I'm a boy, an handsome one too ^^
Haruka: Girl...
Bella: Hn girl, un

What do you do to relax?
Tamixe: I play some Flute
Tamie: Write some song.
Kuroi: play of my guitar
Haruka: Snuggle with my love
Bella: Practice my ninja move or my Ice stake move ^^

What's the weirdest thing that happened to you?
Tamixe: That I transform into a mermaid or a lion in some world o-o
Tamie: That some people thought I was a X-men my cat ears -w-
Kuroi: I changed of group and got yelled at...Or I got a double personnality
Haruka: Eum..same as virgin thing -w-
Bella: That my dad got a Bakugan like me! owo

Have you kissed anyone?
Tamixe: yeah many times...with mpre than one of the member of the organization XIII... Sorry Zexy T.T
Tamie: yup got my first kiss at 13 years old human years hehe
Kuroi: yeah at 13
Haruka: My real first kiss was 1 years ago...x///x
Bella: yush But not with Shun...^^''

Favorite genre of music?
Tamixe: calm one
Tamie: Rock, pop, punk...and my own music
Kuroi: The trash Ray X music or mine...
Haruka: My cousin music ^^
Bella: Same as Tamie! hehe ^^

Ever went on a date?
Tamixe: Sure ^^
Tamie:Hai~ Hai~
Kuroi: Hn yeah
Haruka: Mhm I'm going on one now so bye *clings to Naoto and leave*
Bella: Hn Maybe one or two, un

I tag everyone that read this!
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